With over 75 years of combined cloud consulting & cloud computing experience we are experts in the areas of Network Operations Infrastructure – The Analysis, Design, Built-out, Integration, Migration & Upgrades. Test Automation & Release Engineering in the Era of Cloud Computing. Data-Center & NOC Analysis, Design, Build-out & Management and of course Cloud Infrastructure Analysis, Design, Build-out, Integration & Management. With our true focus on the development of “Strategic Cloud Technology Roadmaps” for company executive teams our team of dedicated & expert cloud technology consultants are here to help clear away the chaff and massive amount of Cloud Marketing Hype that is “clouding” the radically innovative technologies that Cloud Computing clearly has to offer companies just like yours.

Company Mission Statement:

“Provide you and the rest of your executive team the straight and honest truth about your existing infrastructure strategy & empower you with the critical information, analysis and data you will need in order to make informed and intelligent strategic decisions about Cloud Technology and what it can really do for you”.

Our process is simple, comprehensive and as you will see a common-sense approach to providing you with a Strategic Technology Roadmap your company will be able to follow to successfully implementing cloud technologies into your core infrastructure.

Whether your needing to do Big-Data, Automation, Virtualization, Disaster Recovery, High-Availability, Business Continuity, Capacity Planning, Data-Modeling, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, or some other XaaS form of cloud delivery model, we can help you make the Right Decisions.

Through our innovative process, developed over 25 years in the high-tech industry, we can empower you and your executive team, by providing you with the critical information & data required to make informed, intelligent strategic decisions based on fact rather than emotion and hype.

Another area which distinguishes us from the crowd, is the fact that we believe in total transparency, unlike some consulting firms who may just claim they can do the job, our price, processes and procedures for actually accomplishing the mission are completely open and transparent. You will know long before you ever hire us exactly what we will provide to you.

After looking at what we have to offer you and spending a little time speaking with us, we feel confident you will agree, we are the Cloud Consultants you’ve been looking for.


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