Cloud Security, Still the #1 Concern for Enterprise Cloud Adoption

An April 2012 IDG Research survey found more than two-thirds of respondents—69 percent— reported their companies are consuming or piloting applications or infrastructure via the cloud. This trend is growing. This makes security of data and applications a critical concern. Security vulnerabilities can undermine every advantage the cloud brings. This white paper explores the top security concerns of cloud users, and the challenges enterprises face in resolving these concerns.

The Challenges

The IDG survey found that fewer than 40 percent of respondents ranked themselves as highly effective in ensuring cloud security. They acknowledge weaknesses in:
■ Finding and fixing existing application vulnerabilities
■ Understanding security and risk in the cloud infrastructure
■ Establishing a productive feedback loop with software developers and vendors
■ Ability to audit new code and applications for residency in the cloud

Another self-described weakness is a lack of enterprise-wide software security culture. The large majority of application security remains in the hands of IT operations or IT security teams. Only 26 percent report that cloud security is an enterprise-wide effort. But a strong majority—74 percent—know they need to change that. They say creating and sustaining a partnership between IT security and software development and cloud vendors around cloud application security will be a high priority during the next year.

Top Concerns

This desire for change is driven by an increasing awareness of the risks facing enterprises that fail to maintain security. At the top of the list, 89 percent of respondents cite a lack of control over areas where personally identifiable information (PII) is present in the cloud.

A loss of PII can be devastating to an enterprise. While the average cost per record breached ( A single file, a typical breach consists of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of files) is estimated to range from $150 to $200. Also high on the list of concerns, at 76 percent, is cyber crime/identity theft. The sophistication and ubiquity of cyber attacks means thousands of malware variants can hit major enterprises or cloud providers every day. Numerous surveys have found that corporate data is highly desired by criminals, competitors and nation states.

The Benefits of a Good Security Policy

Given the loss of consumer confidence in enterprises that suffer major data breaches, it is not surprising that the most important benefit from good security cited by survey respondents was protection of a company’s reputation. It is not simply the raw cost of lost data that damages an enterprise, although that itself can be crippling, significant damage to a brand means lost business in the future from consumers or clients who feel they can no longer trust a vendor. This can be an existential threat. And it is no longer possible to keep major breaches out of the public eye. In late 2011, the SEC issued guidelines that require public companies to disclose security events if they materially affect the entity’s products, services, relationships, or competitive conditions, or if they would make an investment in the company speculative or risky. Security readiness of applications deployed in the cloud means greater business availability; a notion cited by 62 percent of respondents. The cloud is accessible 24/7, which means customers and clients never have to wait for office hours.

Finally, a secure cloud enterprise environment allows employees to improve their productivity, through collaboration with colleagues and clients at anytime anywhere across the globe.

The Right Cloud Security Solution For You

Cloud Consulting International specializes in Security not only for your Cloud but for your whole organization.

We take Security seriously and our policy with regards to security issues and concerns is one of “Openess, Honesty & Common-Sense“.

To that end we work directly and partner with each of the major security alliances as well as every commercial and open-source vendor we utilize or recommend to our clients, in order to make sure our clients individual security needs are met and exceed the highest standards.Unlike many consulting companies, we do not subscribe to many of the “one size fits all” security solutions that get slapped in place. When we work with a client, we drill down and through deep analysis and intense interviews and discussions with your executive staff, software development, IT, Ops departments to discover your unique security concerns and issues. At the end of which we produce one of our proprietary reports this one entitled “Detailed Security Analysis Report” which is presented and which includes not only the issues but the steps and products, processes and procedures to resolve each one in unique and common-sense ways.

Every implementation we undertake goes through a rigorous series of security and compliance audits including Symantec, VISA, Master Card, PCI & SOX. Although some clients may not be required to comply with those regulations we believe in the philosophy of “Better Safe than Sorry” and therefore every analysis, design and installation we perform is built upon a solid foundation consisting of Our 3 Core Principles:

3 Core Design Principles

  • Operational Readiness
    • We never install anything without a complete and robust operational infrastructure in place first. Without which, all the data which will be produced would be meaningless and without which your infrastructure would shortly be in shambles.
  • HA (High-Availability)
  • Our final budget analysis and indeed our installation includes two of every piece of critical hardware and software. Everything is designed and built with multi-redundancy in mind. There is no reason whatsoever your infrastructure should ever go down in a way that A. Loses you money, B. Loses you customers or C. Loses you employee productivity
  • We are proud that our project up-time percentage average is 99.999% and always will be until it reaches 100%
  • Security
  • Our Security solutions are second to none and so far not a single client has reported a single security breach which, is how it should be and can be for you also when done properly.
  • We believe in a producing unique, specific, pinpointed and common-sense solutions rather than the “one-size fits all” blanket approach many consultants would have you waste money and resources on.
  • We believe every clients organizational and infrastructure security issues are unique and in response, our solutions are unique to that client alone.

From Physical Security, to Email and Social Messaging, Corporate Espionage, Network Data, Wireless, Data-Centers, Server Hardening, Networking Equipment, Compliance Issues to Application & Service Security, let Cloud Consultants International’s unique and expert security consultants perform a Security Analysis for you, you’ll be glad you did.

Enable your Main-Frame Data In the Cloud with Attachmate® Verastream® legacy modernization solutions

For competitive advantage, you must engage and support more customers, more effectively, every day. And when it comes to customer satisfaction, quantity does not trump quality. In fact, today’s customers have demands that go beyond the actual services offered; they now care as much about how your services are offered.
Cloud computing, which is becoming an integrated part of our IT infrastructures, has enabled companies to make significant strides in the customer service realm. But to be fully successful, you need to account for all data on all systems. And that includes mainframe systems.
Despite their intrinsic customer-service value, mainframe applications don’t always play well with avant-garde solutions. That’s because mainframe systems, by design, keep their legacy data and logic locked up, even when it’s sorely needed elsewhere. There is a need and a benefit to tackling this issue.

An Everyday Business Case

To illustrate the value of cloud enabling mainframe applications, let’s look at the real-life IT challenge of a large department store. As part of daily operations, the store deploys field-based collections and sales personnel throughout their greater metropolitan area.
Because computer use is not feasible for the functions and travels of the field force, their operations are done on a paper system. They receive activity rundowns (batched from the corporate mainframes) each morning and return in the evening with their new results to be entered overnight. The company would clearly benefit from an automated system.
The ideal direction for this department store would build on the advances of a cloud computing approach. While the field force cannot carry computers, they do travel with company phones — in this case, smartphones. So why not build an online collections and sales-activity application using the phone as the client?

Scoping the Solution

Building a smartphone app for this need is relatively easy compared to the other challenge: how to include the mainframe applications in the automated process. The good news is that Attachmate® Verastream® legacy modernization solutions can help.
Verastream can quickly create services from your mainframe applications – services that can be deployed and used as needed. With a little security and firewalling, the traveling sales force can use smartphone apps to query and update the system.
That means the field staff can conduct dynamic business operations in real time. Redundant tasks are removed from the process. And use of a cloud-style architecture ensures that critical company data is never stored locally on the smartphones.

A Zero-Impact Approach to Cloud Enabling Legacy Data

The business solution above, although entirely plausible, might never be considered in some IT organizations. That’s because it’s often assumed any solution of this magnitude must be a large and daunting endeavor. The Verastream edge lies in its ability to integrate, expose, and control access to your mainframe applications, without risk. Thanks to  powerful Verastream tools, no new mainframe coding is needed. You simply use the Verastream Design Studio to create reusable services and to control them with governing workflows and processes.

Competitive Advantage and The Cloud Connection

Verastream keeps your projects sized to fit the need. It enables fast migrations to the cloud by permitting you to map only as much of the mainframe application as needed to enable your desired transactions. When a new project comes along, Verastream continues to earn ROI by letting you simply map new transactions to the appropriate parts of the mainframe application.
With the Verastream family of legacy modernization solutions, your mainframe can become a back end to your own data integration cloud. You can implement new integration projects as needed, helping to achieve competitive advantage while ensuring maximum IT agility. And with Verastream, you can do it quickly, safely, and economically.


Corporate Headquarters
1500 Dexter Ave.
Seattle Washington, 98109

Mass Cloud Confusion or Mass Marketing Hypnosis?

Mass Cloud Confusion or Mass Marketing Hypnosis?

Mass Cloud Confusion or Mass Marketing Hypnosis?

I’ve been wanting to write this commentary piece for a long while now, at least a year. It is based solely on personal observation and fact.

Fact: There are more new Web Application Start-ups in existence than at anytime in the history of the Internet

Fact: Social Internet, Cloud Hype & Cheap Hosting & Storage are all key ingredients to this salad.

Fact: There is a LOT of confusion surrounding “Cloud Technology”

Fact: there have been more small business internet startups fail in the last two years than in the history of the Internet

What does it all mean?

I spent 12 years in the Gourmet Restaurant Business prior to my high-tech career of almost 25 years now and this mad rush reminds me of all the times I saw people with a little money who loved good food but knew absolutely nothing about the business opening restaurants which failed within 6 months, almost everyone of them.

Why are Cloud Sartups failing left and right?

Why are Cloud Sartups failing left and right?


That’s the big question. What they did not realize is the restaurant business is probably one of the toughest jobs you’ll ever have. You work weekends and all holidays (they are the biggest money making days bay far). its hugely expensive to stock a restaurant and keep it stocked (including the bar) which means it requires a ton of liquid capital. It is extremely labor heavy which means most people have no idea how many skilled people it takes to run a “gourmet” class kitchen which all translates to lots of hidden expenses and obstacles that outsiders never know about, until its too late.

Like the scenario outlined above, the new “Cloud Rush” (think Gold Rush of 1849) has taken many a wealthy person with an idea by the throat and left them gasping for breath. In other words most have no idea what they are getting into much less what they are doing, sadly to say.

Let me give you an true story as an example. I was speaking with a technology recruiter earlier this year about a startup company (I’m not naming anyone, in order to protect the innocent 🙂 , they were however a new software cloud/SaaS company who, as has become commonplace over the past two years, had no idea what they were looking for in someone to come “Architect their Cloud Strategy” for them. Apparently they just had an idea and hired a bunch of software programmers and then figured they could worry about the actual “cloud infrastructure” details later. Its amazing how many of these there are out there now making the exact same mistake…

So they had a job description which included two very highly specialized career paths, for the same person to handle. Basically a java Software Development executive, someone like a “Director or VP of Software Engineering/Development” and the other side of the coin, the department who’s responsibility it is to design and implement the critical SaaS infrastructure that will be utilizes to deliver the application to the end-user over the internet in a scalable, cost effective and reliable manner. Someone such as a say a hands-on “Director or VP of Cloud or Network Operations”.

Well the reason we were having this discussion in the first place, was that I had been getting bombarded over the past year with these same types of “Cloud Architect” positions and with startups asking us if we could find someone to fill these types of “fairytale” positions which don’t exist. They all came with detailed (3-4 pages) descriptions describing two very distinct roles and a high amount of expertise.

So I started explaining the “facts of life” to the Executive Recruiter in question (who’s name shall also remain anonymous to protect the innocent 🙂 and I started explaining to him about how so many start-ups are buying into the marketing hype and just tossing their complete infrastructure into a public cloud without any executive analysis, intelligence, planning or thoughtful strategic decision being made. Doing it primarily based on emotion which has been stirred up from these Public Cloud Marketing Departments to get people so excited about it that they “just do it” without thinking about it first. The problem is that many of them find out much too late that they made a huge mistake. Like one company we dealt with who called us because their service was hosted with a big Amazo oh excuse me I meant to say an Amazing Large Cloud Public Company, and it went down one day with no warning. It took the “Amazing” hosting company 3 days to even respond to them to let them know what the issue was. THREE DAYS! Can you imagine your internal IT department refusing to tell you anything for three days while all your services were down? No, because like any hosting company, your just a number to the minimum wage part-time college kid they hire to monitor and troubleshoot your server and any issues which arise. So anyway this company lost many customers to say the least and their services was down for more than a week just because of a back-end database issue that was eventually resolved in less than an hour.

One thing I tell all of our clients is this perhaps hard to hear fact of life: “If you outsource any part of your critical business infrastructure to someone else, I don’t care who it is, expect to go down someday, period. Its like riding a motorcycle, if you buy and ride one, you better be prepared to eat gravel at some point because you will go down, its just a matter of when and how long it will take to get back up and riding again.”

The real issues with hosted third party managed solutions

The issues with outsourcing critical infrastructure which MUST be addressed in an intelligent, factual and transparent manner are as follows:

  • Your just a number

    • To the minimum wage college student or intern monitoring the server you’ll be entrusting your business to, your just a number. With over 100,000 servers most Public Managed Hosting Companies have no idea who’s data resides where when an alarm goes off and even if they did do you really think they would care who “Joe Blow Business” is? Think back to when you were 16, 17 or 18 and what your priorities were, girls, games, booze, music, drugs?
    • I don’t care what the hosting company promises you, I’ve been there and done that and have been a part of that world for many years and know exactly how it works. Your issue is second to finishing his/her slice of pizza.
  • There is no Sense Of Urgency

    • Having worked in many start-ups what I love about them is the sense of urgency, the dedication, the hard workers, the employees willing to wear any hat and do whatever it takes to get the job done! It is awesome and awe inspiring and is where the adrenaline rush is for me personally.
      • Now imagine if you were 17 years old, asked to perform the same way for a company you knew nothing about, a company whose name was not anywhere on your paycheck, for which you held no stake (stock) in, had no personal relationship with and could care less about whether they succeeded as a company or not. Would you?
    • Be Honest……..
  • Your HELPLESS to do anything if your business starts to go under

    • Let me tell you of a company who’s services was interrupted for 3 weeks……what do you believe would happen to your customer base if they lost access to the critical data you might be hosting on your application, for three weeks?
    • Let me tell you this happens more than your ever told about
    • Let me tell you that ALL of these incidents are “hushed up” for obvious reasons
    • Now let me tell you that if it happens to you, you can’t drive over and demand that “Amazing” Largest Public Company “fix your service”. Would you even have the faintest idea where your application would be running on a distributed, elastic, global cloud network in order to physically go demand action or ask for it back? It doesn’t work that way, your entire business which you’ve poured your blood sweat, tears and retirement perhaps into is in someone else’s hands completely when you make the strategically critical decision to allow some stranger to host, monitor and respond to your internet application(s) or infrastructure.
      • You signed a waiver to not hold them responsible for “acts of god” which includes loss of your data, so you cannot even sue them and win…
      • Period….
      • End of story……

Those are just the three main problems you need to think about. The list is long and serious such as data backups. I cannot list the number of companies (its too long) who have lost all or much of their data due to improper backup policies by third party hosting companies which are NOTORIOUSLY BAD at backup strategy implementation. Latency, you’ll never know if it is the hosting company or not as they will never let you in their networking equipment to run tests and will ALWAYS blame you, your network or someone or something else rather than admit their network is overloaded and their backbones oversubscribed. The list is long and comprehensive and I advise you to hire someone like our team of experts or someone else you trust to properly analyze your needs and provide you with an intelligent, fact based strategic roadmap you can follow in order to make informed decisions with regards to the future technology concerns of your business.

But I digress…

So here I was explaining to him why it is much safer it is to build a “private cloud” than to throw all your infrastructure blindly or not, onto a “public cloud”, or to perhaps even create a Hybrid strategy where your critical data is still safely in your hands while the less critical parts of your infrastructure is being hosted somewhere in the public cloud when he stops me and says “What do you mean by private cloud”? Isn’t “Amazon the Cloud”?

Needless to say my jaw dropped and I was at a loss for  words for a minute there as a lull developed in our phone conversation. To cut to the chase, this recruiter, who had been recruiting for “Cloud positions” for a year now, had no idea there was anything else BUT Amazon for cloud solution. To him Cloud was Synonymous with the word Amazon and I spent the next hour educating him for which afterward he was extremely grateful.

I guess my point in all of this is this. It burns me to see a few major swindlers selling a fake “Gold Rush” sense of security through Marketing Hype just to make a quick buck, no matter who they hurt in the process or how badly it hurts the whole industry. Hey, this helps my business, so why should I be complaining? I believe in honesty, integrity and transparency in business and basing strategic decisions, or any decision, based on intelligence, factual data and an informed opinion which Marketing Hype is designed to literally destroy by getting people to base their decisions whether strategic or not on “emotion” instead of fact and for this I wont stand and will always speak out against.



3 Cloud Companies I Highly Recommend

3 Awesome Cloud Technology Companies I Highly Recommend Using

3 Cloud Companies I Highly Recommend

It is amazing in this, the worst economy since 1929, that the Cloud Phenomena has skyrocketed the high-tech industry into over-drive.

Companies are desperate for infrastructure folks primarily Cloud & Big Data Architects, Admins & Engineers….they can’t find enough people to fill these types of roles which means people who have cloud technology experience receive two dozen new job opportunities in their email box every day!
To be honest, I’ve never seen demand for these specific set of skills this high in 25 years, which is amazing as I said, with such a dismal economy. However, the cool thing is the fact that there are some very innovative and game-changing technologies appearing on the market. I hope to begin sharing a few each week with you. This week I’ve got three I’d like to talk about.

There are two to three new cloud start-ups every week it seems, and as I predicted over two years ago (in a number of private communications as well as to a number of company executives that Cloud Technology would be bigger than the Browser was for the Internet which basically gave us the Internet we have today).

I want to share with you some of the coolest cloud start-ups kicking it these days. All are companies I’ve had personal dealings with and can attest to their product from a personal standpoint. They are all products I recommend to my clients and associates whenever possible.

Quorum Labs
Quorum Labs

In 2006 I was designing and building out the Data-Center for a small cloud start-up company iLoop Mobile, Inc. which, would come to host the OBAMA.MOBI website for the 2008 Presidential Campaign, win the MMAA Mobile Platform of the Year award, and grow to be a leader in the Mobile Marketing industry world-wide under the leadership of CEO Matthew Harris one of today’s Brilliant Executives.

One of the areas I’ve always been keen on is Automation and back then and previous to then I used cfengine in conjunction with subversion which works great but is a ton of hard work to get setup and configured. It is also limited in what it can do, so I was seeking other alternatives, something that would utilize virtualization technology the way I knew it could be used and surprise of all surprises I came across a young company who’s product literally took my breath away called “Levanta” (unfortunately do to bad management they did not last long, but their product was to this day, years ahead of its time and still blows away most of what is available in automation today).

One of the coolest features of Virtualization that most people either do not realize or know how to implement is it’s killer DR and HA capabilities. Most Ops people think of it as a consolidation tool only, it is MUCH MORE than that, with it designed and tuned properly you can restore a completely dead server (I mean one that melts to the ground) in 30 seconds (literally) and do so to any point in time you want. And that’s not all, you can have it all happen “automagically”!

Levanta did that, automated all server provisioning, configuration changes, patch updates, software upgrades, service and process monitoring and restarting, literally with their Open API system and the way it was designed with everything running on redundant NetApp NAS and pointing to the same using NFS it could do almost anything and everything you would normally have to do manually. It is stil to this day the coolest product I’ve ever seen or worked with.

I continue to ask myself why no one else has come up with a similar solution, well recently I discovered Quorum Labs which has the HA & DR aspect down pat. As a matter of fact they’ve taken it to the next level.

Quorum Labs History

The US Navy put out a RFQ for their cloud infrastructures on their warships which basically said they wanted a DR solution that would bring a server back online within 1 minute of a missile strike (or any other disaster) taking out a portion of their infrastructure. The company that came up with the solution was the parent company of Quorum Labs who in 2009 received permission by the Feds to take their new technology into the commercial domain and so they spun-off  Quorum Labs in order to do that.

What can you say about an architecture robust enough it was chosen to keep the US Navy’s Cloud infrastructure on-line during battle conditions, in the course of missile strikes, on-board fires, torpedo strikes, etc… That is the kind of DR solution I WANT IN MY INFRASTRUCTURE I can tell you that in no uncertain terms!

What They Can Do For You:

As ever Executive knows, “availability” is the most crucial part of your infrastructure, at least they had better know that or get yourself a new CEO! It affects so many things, from your customer satisfaction & loyalty, to your employees happiness and company morale, and most importantly your bottom-line gets hammered, not in just revenue that has stopped coming in, but the lost revenue which has been estimated at $70,000 per hour (on average) of down-time by some estimates reputable analysts, its a killer every-time an outage occurs, for whatever reason. You get that up to 99.99% and a lot of your other problems go away and you can take a breath and focus on the rest of your business.

There are three major aspects to “availability“:

  • Hardware/Software infrastructure (Your servers)
  • Network Infrastructure (Your bandwidth/Backbone)
  • Capacity (basically if you can’t handle the amount of traffic your getting, it is just as bad as a server or backbone going down)

Quorum’s product can help with the first piece. They can place an appliance within your infrastructure which takes “snapshots” of any server or database and builds a virtual copy on top of the Zen hypervisor. With each snapshot the hypervisor also receives any new software or configuration updates from Quorum, so everything gets done at the same time. Unfortunately you can only perform snapshots at 15 minute intervals which is a big limitation for companies that cannot afford to lose 15 minutes worth of data or who need a real-time solution. But for the SMB market it’s a good solution and a lot more affordable than their competitors.

Where the “Cloud” comes in, Quorum has built their own private cloud and is now using that as your own virtual DR solution. Basically, the appliance talks to a virtual appliance within their cloud, so that if the physical appliance ever goes down for whatever reason, or if your whole network goes down, you are able to remotely (via encrypted VPN tunnel) start the exact servers within their cloud network and all your data is then accessible via the encrypted vpn tunnel.

What They Cost:

I was informed that their lowest offering is in the ballpark of $20k, not bad for the peace of mind it can give. Contact them to get a list and prices for each of their appliances, of which there are a few sizes to choose from.

Their Long term Viability:

From what I understand they also had a long relationship with an Angel investor, I was not able to discover their current financial situation however, I was informed they are fully capitalized and will be seeking a “B” round of financing shortly. They are not cash-flow positive at this time, but apparently not far away from being so, and their numbers are steadily improving every quarter with steady sales growth. I’ve met the people there at their Fremont, CA headquarters and they are a determined group of individuals, and with a new and more than capable CEO Larry Lang (Formerly of Cisco) at the helm, who from all accounts has done a magnificent job turning the company around, they are working hard to take their product and business to the “next level”.

I encourage you to check them and their product out. They currently have two versions of their product available, an on-site appliance and a Cloud solution although both utilize their cloud infrastructure, one is a SaaS model while the other is an appliance installed in your infrastructure.


47200 Bayside Parkway
Fremont, CA 94538 USA
Phone: +1 (510) 257-5227
Fax: +1 (510) 490-5529
Email: information

Archer, Inc.

With respect, I must disclose that I designed and built the cloud (SaaS) infrastructure for iLoop Mobile, Inc. between 2006-2008 so have an obvious bias however, that being said, it does not take away anything from their awesome platform and success as one of the biggest players in the Mobile Marketing industry today.

Archer, Inc. now combines a world-class MMS engine (Formerly Lenco Mobile) with the worlds foremost Integrated Mobile Marketing Cloud Platform ( formerly iLoop Mobile, Inc.) into a killer mobile marketing platform.

What They Can Do For You:

Archer’s mobile technology helps create, launch, and manage meaningful mobile initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, brands, retailers, agencies, and public institutions all over the world. Example products include MMS, SMS, Mobile Web, Mobile Social Integration, International Capabilities, Carrier Products, and a broad range of custom solutions that fulfill industry-specific needs.

And we don’t stop there—we integrate quickly and easily with our customers’ systems and related technology. The open architecture of the Archer Mobile Platform offers APIs that support integration with CRM systems, reporting, content-management systems, databases, message aggregators, and other third-party applications.

What They Cost:

Archer’s services are customized for each client, so there is not a set cost they advertise. Contact them though and they will be more than happy to put together a detailed quote for whatever your mobile marketing needs are.

Their Long-Term Viability:

iLoop Mobile has been in business for over ten years now and are not going away anytime soon, trust me on that. They were initially funded by an Angel investor but have since then obtained commercial backing and most recently in the form of  a 4. Million Dollar Debt Financing deal, not to mention I’m pretty sure they are cash-flow positive. But the biggest reason, is their CEO Matthew Harris who came on-board in 2007 and completely turned the company in the right direction. They’ve been sailing strong ever since. I can attest that Matt is one of the best leaders in Technology today and I have no doubt Archer will continue to provide groundbreaking leadership in the world of Mobile Marketing World-Wide.

If I had to select a single Mobile Marketing Solution to meet ALL MY NEEDS, Archer, Inc wins hands down. I encourage you to visit their site and check it out, they offer free trials of their product which is COMPLETELY web based and cloud driven world-wide.

Archer, Inc.
San Jose Office

Phone: (408) 907-3360
25 Metro Drive, Suite 210
San Jose, CA 95110

Aryaka Networks

I was called in to meet with Aryaka in 2011 when they were still in stealth mode and we’re looking for someone to help them take their cloud infrastructure to the next level, I fell in love with their product and have recommended it to numerous colleagues and clients since then.

What They Can Do For You:

From their website “Aryaka is the world’s first cloud-based WAN optimization company solving application and network performance issues faced by the distributed enterprise. Aryaka has been recognized as a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in Enterprise Communications and Network Services in 2011 for its disruptive SaaS model and is named in the GigaOm Structure 50 list for companies that will shape the future of cloud computing. Aryaka eliminates the need for expensive and complex appliances as well as long-haul connectivity, and enhances collaboration across locations. It offers significant cost, ease-of-use and performance advantages, helping global companies achieve dramatic productivity gains and increased visibility into their WAN applications, locations and performance, while providing 24/7 world-class support.

What that means in plain English (Marketing guys, I tell you….) is they have developed a product that enhances the speed at which your web based applications perform across long pipes (or your WAN), or across the globe by as much as 50%, that is truly an amazing figure indeed! But that’s not all, their service has been tested relentlessly for other areas of improvement and below are just a few of the statistics they’ve uncovered which could help you look pretty good!

Some of their amazing figures:

  • 400% Improved Response times for Remote Desktop Services
  • HTTP Protocol bandwidth reduction of 98% with 40x faster response time
  • 30x faster file transfers
  • Over 95% Bandwidth reduction of remote MS Office use across your WAN
    with a 35x performance gain

And those are just a few of the benefits, see the whole list here. I am a firm believer in their product which has made the Gartner’s “Cool Vender” list for 2011 and the top 50 GigOm companies that will shape the future of Cloud Computing. I have to agree with them both.

What They Cost:

Again, Aryaka is a custom solution and so you will need to contact them and allow them to produce a quote for you. I encourage you to do so today!

Their Long-Term Viability:

Of the three they have the best funding and are funded by a group of 5 VC firms at the moment. They have nothing but good things in their future and short of some catastrophe are financially stable for years to come. Their sales and profits continue to climb at a phenomenal rate and they market growth looks to be on a rise that wont end anytime soon.

Please, do yourself and your company a favor, whether you are a large corporation Ops Executive looking to make big points and your next big promotion with massive cost reduction while providing improved performance and higher uptime percentages (who in their right mind would not want those), or a Cloud App startup, do yourself a favor and look into Aryaka’s solution, who knows, they may just be exactly what the Doctor ordered.

Aryaka Networks Inc.
691 S Milpitas Boulevard
Milpitas, CA 95035
Tel: 408-273-8420
Fax: 408-273-8430
Directions and Map