IT Security Company “VersAi” & their Patented Probabilistic Reasoning AI Technology looking to go Public with a listing in the Australian National Stock Exchange “NSX”


Canadian federal corporation VersAi, Inc. (“VersAi” or “the company”) would like to announce that it has recently engaged with London Capital Associates Ltd (LCA) as the company’s listing specialist. This engagement marks the company’s first step in facilitating the company’s listing application for the National Stock Exchange of Australia (“NSX” or “the exchange”).

VersAi stands for Versatile Artificial Intelligence. We are an “Intellectual Property” (IP) holding company that has recently acquired a Hybrid Pattern Detection System now known as ViPR.  This AI is unique because it is near Autonomic: (independent in mind or judgment; not controlled by outside forces; self-governing), it is a Self-Signature Creating, Pattern Detection engine that requires little to no human intervention to accurately make decisions.

VersAi Probabilistic Reasoning AI technology uses a proprietary algorithm to intelligently determine the true nature of SMTP traffic, rather than relying solely on rule-based techniques. VersAi delivers products and services that enable its customers to work more securely and more efficiently. By engineering solutions that provide bold, unique, nonlinear applications of artificial intelligence toward the secure transmission of data, VersAi enables its customers to communicate more effectively.

The Problem: Approximately 532 billion e-mails a day to have been sent to inboxes worldwide in 2013 and according to a Radicati Group study, spam as a percentage of overall Internet email traffic is expected to grow from 82% in 2011 to 84% in 2013. The proliferation of spam, malware and the leaking of sensitive data that comes along with this massive amount of electronic messaging is one of the most severe and challenging security threats faced by individuals and businesses today.

VersAi’s VPR Technology: The Company’s revolutionary and proprietary Probabilistic Reasoning algorithm, known as “VPR”, is currently in its fourth generation. Initially deployed in 2004 as an inbound threat detection hardware appliance, our technology is now deployed as a hosted, hardware or virtual security appliance solution that also provides outbound data leak prevention.    Our new virtual appliances are the ultimate email and network security platforms for the enterprise and the cloud.   Our products are proven and commercially tested as being highly accurate artificial intelligence based decision making systems and have been protecting our customers and partners from viruses and hacking attempts and out–bound data leak prevention and encryption. We deliver a significantly lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) model to our partners and their customers versus our competition and we offer scalability that is second to none due to our near autonomic operation.