Snapchat Poaches Top Google Cloud Engineer


Snapchat, which earlier has made the headlines by refusing to be acquired by top tech giants like Google and Facebook has announced that it has hired a top Google Cloud engineer to beef up its engineering talent. new-snapchat-logo-2013

A report in The Wall Street Journal says that Snapchat has recently hired services of Robert Magnussonb, who is a director at Google and works for Google App Engine, which the exact platform on which Snapchat itself works.

This might not be the only engineering hunt that we might hear because in the coming months Snapchat intends to increase its technical team from 15 to 50, Bobby Murphy, its co-founder told WSJ.

WSJ has further reported that probably Magnusson will be working towards reducing reliance of Snapchat on services like Google by building its own platform. Magnusson seems to have taken affront to this and has written on his Google Plus: ( though this is the same thing in different words)

    Ok for the record, the quote “Part of his new job at Snapchat will be building technology infrastructure in-house so that the company can begin to lessen its reliance on partners like Google, Murphy said.” is (a) not what Bobby said, (b) not really a focus of my job either.  Thx WSJ for pissing off all my old Google friends.  A more correct statement is that we’ll continuously evaluate alternatives, and likely over time develop more infrastructure ourselves, in particular in specialized areas of our apps.  Google is a great partner, and the success of Snapchat would simply not have been possible without Google Cloud, and we expect to work closely together.  Period.

Magnusson has been the head of Google App Engine platform since 2010.