AFORE Expands CloudLink Platform with SecureVM and SecureFILE

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AFORE Solutions, Inc., a leader in cloud security and data encryption management, today announced the addition of CloudLink SecureVM and CloudLink SecureFILE to the CloudLink encryption platform. The additions build on the existing CloudLink SecureVSA and provide AFORE customers with unmatched flexibility to layer encryption at multiple points of the cloud computing stack with storage, virtual machine, file and application level solutions deployed and managed from a common framework.

As cloud initiatives ramp and enterprise workloads become distributed across hybrid and multi-tenant virtualized infrastructures, it becomes essential to secure sensitive data and meet regulatory compliance as well as lock down the cloud from external and internal threats. CloudLink provides the encryption foundation that protects mission-critical data across a broad range of use cases from a single integrated platform. CloudLink integration with industry leading hypervisor and cloud platforms enables IT personal to efficiently deploy security controls at all levels of the infrastructure. The net impact is better control, lower TCO and improved business agility to secure sensitive data and embrace the cloud with confidence.

“The world has changed and IT needs to adapt to meet a host of new and pervasive threats to data. With these two new CloudLink modules, we’re providing our customers the means to ensure that every touch point in their cloud infrastructure is secure,” said Jonathan Reeves, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer at AFORE. “Our focus is to empower customers with solutions that seamlessly integrate with their virtualization, cloud and key management platforms enabling them to have full control over data security while leveraging existing IT processes.”

The addition of the two new CloudLink encryption modules, SecureVM and SecureFILE, provide customers greater deployment flexibility by offering more granular security controls for a wider range of use cases for securing hosted desktop / DaaS and business applications. CloudLink SecureVM addresses a critical need to protect boot volume integrity for both application server and VDI machine images in virtualized and public cloud environments by providing secure pre-boot authentication and encryption of volumes. CloudLink SecureFILE enables fine grained policy to target encryption on sensitive applications such as Microsoft SQL server, SharePoint, Exchange and Office applications with unique application templates that simplify security deployment. SecureFILE file level encryption is also specifically designed to support highly scalable file servers providing the granularity required to preserve their advanced file management capabilities.

As more sensitive workloads move to the cloud, service providers such as IPR International, a leading provider of IaaS, disaster recovery, and data protection, are leveraging CloudLink to offer Encryption as a Service (EaaS) as a value added service on top of their computing and storage offerings. “CloudLink provides us with an encryption management platform that enables us to provide EaaS to secure a broad range of customer initiatives including hosted virtual desktops, application and database servers and virtualized storage,” said Bryan Durr, IPR’s Director of Product Architecture. “Easy customer provisioning and advanced security options that place key control in our customers’ hands allow us to offer a first-class security service that will help drive customer confidence and adoption of the cloud.”

AFORE will be showcasing the CloudLink platform at the RSA Conference at South Expo booth #2501, February 24-28 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

About AFORE:

AFORE is a leading provider of advanced data security and encryption management solutions that protect sensitive customer information in multi-tenant private, public and hybrid clouds. AFORE CloudLink been recognized for several prestigious industry awards including the Best of VMworld Gold Award in the Security / Compliance for Virtualization category in 2013. CloudLink SecureVSA has been certified Vblock Ready by VCE to run on Vblock Infrastructure Platforms. AFORE is an EMC Select Business Partner as well as an RSA Technology partner. For more information visit: and follow us on Twitter @aforesolutions .

About IPR International:

IPR International is a recognized industry leader offering co-location, private cloud, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions, as well as cloud-based data management, data protection services, and a full range of managed solutions. IPR protects, preserves, and secures its clients’ data, making it available at all times, no matter when or where the data was created or is needed. Headquartered in Wayne, PA, IPR has multiple redundant data centers and serves clients in 17 countries around the globe.

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By Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer
Chief Cloud Consultant
Compass Solutions, LLC