FireLayers Brings Policy-Based Security to Cloud Applications


Firelayers is looking to introduce a new era of cloud-based security with its latest security platform, which will allow users to individualize the program using policy-based measures.

FireLayers promised a new era of cloud security with the release of its comprehensive policy-based, compliance and IT governance security platform for cloud applications.

The cloud app security company said its unifying platform will enable organizations to “adopt cloud applications on their own terms,” according to the press release. With the new program, IT departments will be able to deploy predefined and fully customizable settings for popular applications, including Microsoft (MSFT) Office 365, Workday, Yammer and a host of others.

By allowing IT and security managers to make their own security parameters tailored to each specific workplace, FireLayers achieves unprecedented cloud security, according to the company. The offering aims to eliminate the usage of generic cloud security applications by creating one that can be suited to each user’s individual needs.

“Companies are looking for comprehensive, proactive and preventive solutions as the basis for a successful cloud application security, compliance and IT governance program,” said Doron Elgressy, co-founder and president of FireLayers, in a prepared statement. “One-size-fits-all, reactive tools can be add-ons, but not the core platform that organizations need or are looking for.”

As always, cloud and mobile security is a major topic of discussion for channel partners and the companies that they work with. Several other security companies recently have revealed mobile security platforms, such as Bluebox’s recent announcement for its mobile data security solution. In addition, Google Ventures and several other investors funded startup Ionic Security to the tune of $25.5 million just last week to help the company beef up its growing security portfolio.

According to a study conducted by Dell, many IT companies continue to underestimate the importance of security when it comes to locking down corporate data, including breaches stemming from BYOD policies. While announcements from companies like FireLayers sound promising, the new application’s success is still dependent on each individual organization’s willingness to adopt more powerful security measures to protect sensitive information.

By Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer
Chief Cloud Consultant
Compass Solutions, LLC