New Bitcoin Hardware Encryption Keys for General Public – myTREZOR Web Wallet to use BOP Bitcoin Server


Bits of Proof and TREZOR developers cooperate to provide access to the blockchain for myTREZOR Web Wallet users.

will be launched as an exclusive web wallet for TREZOR device owners. It is a lightweight and easy to use web wallet for secure bitcoin transactions.

Common web wallets require users to register using their user name, or email address and password. Such elements inherently create potential security risks and are subject to frequent hacker attacks. Thanks to the advanced TREZOR cryptography, myTREZOR Web Wallet eliminates the need for sensitive user data. Effectively, myTREZOR represents a comfortable transaction tool, suitable for users with little experience as well as for those with high security expectations.

Using BOP Bitcoin Server provides a comfortable access to user’s wallet balance and transaction history. This basic wallet information including incoming transactions can stay visible in myTREZOR even after unplugging the TREZOR device.

“We at TREZOR believe that this is a revolutionary combination of user experience and security which is very much needed in the Bitcoin world.” explains Alena Vranova, Director of TREZOR. “We are excited to bring TREZOR Hardware Wallet together with myTREZOR Web Wallet to their first users and want to thank everybody in the community for adding their ideas, expertise and for being so patient with our delays in the delivery.”

Bits of Proof implements advanced Bitcoin technologies such as the Hierarchical and Deterministic Wallet (BIP32) which enable myTREZOR users to enjoy full potential of the TREZOR Hardware Wallet.

Tamas Blummer, CEO of Bits of Proof (BOP) adds: “I believe TREZOR users will appreciate the fact that their private keys are never transmitted from myTREZOR to the BOP Bitcoin Server. The transactions are signed purely in the TREZOR device. It is finally safe to use a web wallet, thanks to TREZOR and our BOP Bitcoin Server”.

By Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer
Chief Technology Analyst & Consultant
Compass Solutions, LLC
Cloud Consulting International