Does Rackspace CEO’s sudden retirement signal trouble?

Customers of Rackspace Hosting will carefully watch the company as it deals with the sudden retirement of its CEO and fends off Wall Street analysts who smell blood in the water.

Wall Street demonstrated its concern at the departure of Lanham Napier, age 43, who disclosed his retirement plans on Rackspace’ Web site.

With four major CSP’s going under last year, countless outages by CSP’s making signs such as this

commonplac across the internet in 2013, not too mention the hundreds of millions of user account data hacked last year making 2013 one of the worst Years in Internet history from a stability perspective, one wonders if businesses who have bet the entire farm on the Cloud, may have run just a little to far too fast for their own good… Its my own opinion they have and they may live to regret it, I hope so (that they live long enough, not that they have something to regret).

By Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer
Chief Technology Analyst & Consultant Compass Solutions, LLC
Cloud Consulting International