RSA Cloud Security Joke….


At this year’s RSA conference there were many CSP’s on the event floor trying to convince people that not only do they want to sell you the public cloud services, heck they want you to trust them when they tell you they are also “safer than your own internal Infrastructure”…. That would be funny folks…. If it wasn’t so scary….

That’s like hackers telling you they have the best security solution for your pc.

The WHOLE PROBLEM stems from these same CSP’S not being truthful or trustworthy in the first place, failure to be transparent and countless outages that go unreported, companies losing data because some minimum wage Data-Center employee forgot to run backups, claims of compliance when the audit was two years ago of a single location which they use to claim complete compliance across the entire network, and the list goes on and on as do the horror stories if your a cloud/Data-Center consultant. Take for example, one startup telling me how it took 72hrs for Amazon to just respond to their email asking why their entire business was down (they had thrown everything into the Amazon Cloud rather than hire a single Netops engineer) and two weeks later when they were finally back up…. They discovered the backups they had been paying for had never taken place….. ALL their clients data was just gone….

These stories abound unfortunately, and it sickens me to see these same CSP’s now claim “were safe, see were at the RSA convention”.

What was worse was an article which discussed how many so called “security experts” spoke at the same convention and made fun of companies for being “afraid to use the cloud” and claiming it as “perfectly safe now”…..

I was saddened to see that the RSA convention which, should be about addressing truthfully the serious security concerns of Enterprises looking to use public cloud services, among other serious topics, was nothing but a PR Ploy by all the CSP’S who apparently paid a lot of money to a lot of people, to have the same hype spewed forth they’ve been using to con Startups into believing “it’s safer then building your own Infrastructure in-house” and about which Steve Wozniak came out and told the truth in 2012 when he said in an interview “….I see nothing but looming disaster in the cloud future if they don’t stop the hype…” (I’m paraphrasing), saddened that this is all taking place at what used to be a serious conference about serious security issues…

By Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer
Chief Technology Analyst & Consultant Compass Solutions, LLC
Cloud Consulting International
Synapse Synergy Group
CTO – 4D Healthware