Top 10 Best HTML5 Sites of 2014


I personally believe HTML5 was what the Web was made for….In case you did not realize just HOW COOL it can be, it replaces Flash (Adobe has recently just published its final version of Flash which is no longer supported because HTML5 does what it did and a lot more so much better), it can do animation natively, embedded videos and audio can now be accomplished with just a simple tag, just like an image!, drag & drop, edit any document instantly in your browser window, HTMLL5 Game Development (HTML5 now has game development capabilities built into it so browser based games will be seamless and native which translates into a much faster and better gaming experience), cool effects like shadows and flash type buttons or transition effects are native to the html5 code now so there is no need to use an outside application to make your website stunningly beautiful,  hundreds of Icons, native tabs and a list of cool features so long that even I’m discovering new ones all the time…Best of all however, HTML5 was developed from the outset with the specific goal of delivering the Best Mobile Experience Ever.

We have therefore decided to make it part of our mission to share more of these sites, code feature snippets and tutorials to help keep you up-to-date and get less technical readers to upgrade their browsers to the newest version and hopefully wean them off of Internet Explorer and on to a Open Source Quality Browser such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, both of which Render HTML much closer to the way it should be than Microsoft’s Proprietary Product ever has. Download Mozilla Firefox or Chrome

Top 10 Best HTML5 Websites of 2014 based on visual artistry, integrated sound, ease of use, and uniqueness:

1 | The Wilderness Downtown
The Wilderness Downtown is an interactive music video for Arcade Fire’s song ”We Used to Wait”. Visitors are asked to input the address of the home they grew up in and then the site uses Google Earth and HTML5 to create a personalized music video that takes the user on a journey back home.

2 | Heart of The Artic
Heart of The Arctic takes users on an Arctic expedition/scavenger hunt through four distinct environments designed to show users the steps that would be needed to restore climate balance to the arctic region. This site perfectly showcases how Html5 can be used to create fun and educational websites.

3 | Three Dreams of Black
3 Dreams of Black uses HTML5 to promote Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s album Rome. The site creates a 3D interactive world using WebGL where all the objects in the video react to both the music and user inputs. The site will make you feel as if you’ve EXPERIENCED the song and not simply listened to it.

4 | Enjoy Your Privacy
The website was created to warn consumers about the dangers of not using password protection on their mobile devices. This is done by using Html5 to produce a second-screen experience that will truly scare those that hitherto have avoided password protecting their mobile devices. So protect yourself.

5 | Google Play Music Tour
Google here uses Html5 to showcase the many features of its Google Play streaming music service. This is one of the prime examples of how the integration of video, sound, and interactive graphics can be brought together with Html5 to create an exciting and fun product promo that can drive consumer usage.

HTML5 was developed from the outset with the specific goal of delivering the Best Mobile Experience Ever, and it has surpassed all expectations!

6 | Soul Reaper
A scroll activated digital comic book developed by Saizen Media uses HTML5 to breathe some new live into the presentation of graphic stories. The added motion and pacing makes the static images and story seem to come alive in a way that seems to be a bridge between old comics and video.

7 | The Expressive Web
Adobe created the Expressive Web website to highlight the functionality and creative potential offered through the use of HTML5 and CSS3. Through various examples and code snippets this is truly the best ”advanced” HTML5 user guide we’ve seen. This site should be bookmarked by all HTML5 developers.

8 | Art of Stars
Art of the Stars uses your IP address to draw a picture of the Star constellation directly above you. What is most interesting about this project is that it uses HTML5 to develop an application on the web in a similar manner to those currently built in mobile applications for the Droid and iPhone.

9 | This Shell
This Shell website is an HTML5 experiment created by Legwork Studios that promotes Gamit’s new album ”Parts” in a rather fun and rewarding manner. The website presents fans with a video puzzle that if solved, before the music ends, allows them access to a free mp3 download of the song.

10 | Lost Worlds Fair
The Lost World’s Fair site was developed to showcase the HTML5 capabilities inherent in IE9 by creating interactive posters that take users on a journey to three fabled locales. By using your mouse to scroll down each poster visitors are allowed to uncover further mysteries hidden in each location.

By: Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer
CTO of the following startups –
Synapse Synergy Group
Chief Technology Analyst, Author & Consultant
Compass Solutions, LLC
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