Base CRM a Post-PC CRM and Sales Productivity Company raises $15MM / Series-C


Frustrated by their own experience with other CRMs, the team founded Base believing that businesses deserve better, smarter, more intuitive software. Tens of thousands of customers later, Base CRM continues to lead the Post-PC revolution with a product that makes their customers 10x more productive.

Recent Milestones
Base CRM received $15M in Series B funding. (3/19/14)
Posted 3/19/14 at 1:17am via

Base CRM added Tal Tsfany as Chief Customer Officer. (5/1/13)
Posted 12/29/13 at 1:36pm

Base CRM received $6.8M in Series A funding. (5/9/12)
Posted 4/9/13 at 9:39am via

Base CRM received $1.1M in Seed funding. (2/25/11)
Posted 2/25/11 at 7:16pm via

Base CRM added Bart Kiszala as Co-founder and Chief Product Officer. (6/1/10)
Posted 6/21/10 at 8:53am

Base CRM added Pawel Niznik as Co-Founder and CTO. (12/1/09)
Posted 6/21/10 at 8:54am

Base CRM added Uzi Shmilovici as Founder and CEO. (12/1/09)
Posted 6/21/10 at 8:52am

Base CRM added Ela Madej as Co-Founder.
Posted 6/21/10 at 8:54am

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