Verdasys raises $12MM / Venture Round


Verdasys provides advanced data protection solutions for endpoints. It is the only data loss prevention (DLP) vendor that also protects companies’ sensitive data from both insider and cyber threats. Verdasys secures the sensitive data of the world’s most security conscious organizations by protecting sensitive data from leaving an organization at the point of risk, namely the endpoint. Digital Guardian by Verdasys is the only solution that can empower businesses to detect and stop both insider and cyber attacks with a single platform. It offers advanced data protection on the endpoint, either as an on premise or fully hosted solution.

Recent Milestones

Verdasys received $12M in Venture Round funding. (3/19/14)
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Verdasys received $75k in Grant funding. (7/16/12)
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Verdasys received $28.9M in Venture Round funding. (4/15/11)
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Verdasys — has raised $15 million in a round of financing (4/12/11) 6
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Verdasys added Jim Ricotta as President , CEO & BOD. (10/1/10)
Posted 5/17/13 at 10:07pm

Verdasys added Jim Cumella as Verdasys. (1/1/09)
Posted 7/21/13 at 5:15am

Verdasys received $20.9M in Series C funding. (6/1/05)
Posted 3/14/14 at 12:12pm

Verdasys received $7.2M in Series B funding. (9/1/04)
Posted 3/14/14 at 12:07pm

Verdasys added Kenneth Levine as CEO.

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