Vicarious an Artificial intelligence company raised $40MM


Computers are currently unable to understand the sensory experience of a human. Sense data is almost always noisy, blurry, occluded, and an ultimately incomplete 2D snapshot of a 3D world. For the past three decades, these uncertainties have foiled our best efforts to create automated systems for understanding the world as we experience it.

However, there is one type of system that handles these problems with ease. The best general purpose reasoning system evolved millions of years ago, and comes preinstalled in every human brain. With a little help from neuroscience and biology, we are pioneering new algorithms that enable computers to become intelligent.

By Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer 
Chief Technology Analyst & Consultant
Compass Solutions, LLC 
Hadoop Magazine 
Cloud Consulting International 
CTO – 4D Healthware
Synapse Synergy Group