FitBit & 4D Healthware, Changing Peoples lives for the better?

FitBit & 4D Healthware, Changing Peoples life for the better?
4D Healthware is a startup that is using FitBit products, including their scale, in their initial Prototype to help people with medical issues (everything from obesity to cancer, to medical trials at some of the major hospitals around the US) and with major success.

Star Cunningham Founder & CEO and the idea behind 4D Healthware says that her company “… takes FitBit and all medical devices to the next level”….

Their Web based SaaS product (you can sign up early for their production roll-out this summer, right on the website and take advantage of their 30 day free trial for individual accounts) actually makes it much easier for people to track their activity, take their medication on time, and assists their subscribers with making real world decisions in real-time which improve the quality of life and increase the health of their subscribers.

“Medical Device Technology is going to make a big difference in this generation”

It’s an amazing product which I was fortunate enough to get a early look at which utilizes Artificial-intelligence, Machine Learning, Big-Data Analytics and Cloud Technology to really provide an experience like no other system today.

“We have been in talks with Bill Clinton, Esther Dyson, Joel Dudley, Robert Wyllie and a lot of other big names in both the medical and business communities and my greatest hope is that Marc Andreessen (my absolute hero, being from the same small home town, in the technology sector) and his VC firm which also includes a great philanthropic spirit in Ben Horowitz, will fund my company, our new CTO worked with Marc at Netscape for almost five years in the early nineties…and we are now looking at going for our A Round over the next ninety days, now that we have a 400 patient proof of concept going with a major hospital and our product is in final stages of its prototype development”

From what we saw they will have no problem getting a big name Venture Capital firm like Andreessen & Horowitz or KPCB or any other big names on-board… They will most likely be fighting them off which, can be a good problem to have for a company with goals as large as 4D Healthware.

Right? Because money doesn’t grow on trees.

A money maker 
We know what consumers want, but what about retailers? Shops want big margins.

Only the beginning 
One of the recurring themes at the Wearable Technology Show is that wearable kit is still in its infancy.

“People ask me what things are going to be like in 10 years time,” Jones said. “I tell them I don’t even know what it’s going to be like in two years. We’re at the start of a revolution.”

” I quit a great career at IBM where they flew me around the world to trouble shoot Strategic projects, it was exciting and fun, but after going through my own personal hell with the medical establishment,” Star Cunningham says of her vision as Founder & CEO “People think I’m crazy because I quit an unbelievable career and spent every dime of my own money on an “idea” and have never looked back. But isn’t that what America is all about? Isn’t this the beauty of the “free market” we have here, that people from other less fortunate countries and people like my ancestors, me being the third generation of freed slaves, have been dreaming about for generations? I decided I wanted to change the world for the better, and with 4D and here in the greatest country on earth, and a team of great people backing me, I am able to do that, one subscriber at a time… ”

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