Public Cloud is not about Infrastructure, it’s about Services…


“The problem is too many companies believe the hype and toss their entire infrastructure into the public cloud, this is a guaranteed path to failure. It’s about Services, hybrid clouds are really where the growth, the large enterprise growth, will come but it’s just not there yet as far as security and compliance. Just look at the number of breaches over the past two years involving hundreds of millions of innocent people’s lives being affected, many of them ruined by stolen identities through credit card and social security number information being stolen and what you’ll find when you dig sleep enough, is that most had the public cloud involved in one way or another.”

says Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer Technology Analyst & CTO of Synapse Synergy Group and six other High-Tech Startups.

“It’s why I wrote in my SaaS predictions for 2014 for my Atheneum-Partners column, that you can expect a slow down, not an increase as many Analysts are predicting, in public cloud service adoption over the next two years, until enterprise executives see the hype and lies begin to go away, when the unending breaches cease to be a normal daily event in the news, until real honest and transparent security and compliance Solutions begin to take hold like our CSPComply & BYODcomply services which will be released later this summer, you should expect smart c-level executives to hold their data close to home, and that is just plain common sense in my book.”

The commoditisation of cloud services means resellers must look to specialise, according to Melbourne AWS provider base2services.

While there are plenty of opportunities to add value to Amazon Web Services, “generalists” are disappearing, base2services CEO Arthur Marinis said.

“We’ve learnt that one of the key things to do with Amazon is not to consider it a hosting provider. Once you do that, you fail. It’s not about infrastructure, it’s about services.”

The comments echo those by Bulletproof chief customer officer Mark Randall, who told CRN earlier this year that the AWS channel was seeing competencies develop around SharePoint and other areas.

Marinis agreed that there is a trend towards competencies. He said ecommerce was a particular focus for base2services.

“It’s all about performance. Key areas are the way they implement search, caching on Amazon and scaling very quickly to meet demands,” he said.

The Melbourne provider, which began operation in 2005, continues to win high-profile customers, in particular online classifieds. As well as, the company recently announced that Just Auto had moved its online classifieds over to AWS, including AutoTrader, Just Cars and Just Bikes.

Marinis said security and application monitoring two key gaps in AWS migrations where the Melbourne provider often finds opportunities to add services.

By Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer 
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