Understanding True Loyalty


“Are retailers misreading frequency as loyalty?” In our new white paper, Understanding True Loyalty – Gaining Insight into Customer Loyalty Based on Whole-Wallet Spend, the answer is “yes.”

The only way retailers can understand actual customer loyalty is to have a Whole-Wallet view of customer spending. 

Through relationships with nearly 400 banks, Cardlytics has insight into the purchase data for ~70% of US households. These insights clearly outline the differences between those customers loyal to a brand and those loyal to a category. And that difference matters, when speaking to the customer.

Marketing to customers – based on true loyalty – requires more sophisticated measurement, better spend data, and the understanding that a frequent customer is not the same as a loyal customer.

We encourage you to download the white paper today to learn more about loyalty versus frequency.


The Cardlytics Team

By Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer 
Chief Technology Analyst & Consultant
Compass Solutions, LLC 
Hadoop Magazine 
Cloud Consulting International 
CTO – 4D Healthware
Synapse Synergy Group