Both Samsung and HTC Unveil New Glove Wearable Technology


The smartwatch is making a bigger splash in the mobile tech world this year, but what is next when it comes to wearable technology? How about…a glove? Why not? Remember the Nintendo Power Glove? That little piece of 90′s technology was fantastic, so let’s see OEMs take it to that level. HTC has announced the HTC Gluuv, while Samsung announces the Samsung Fingers. Anyone blown away? Of course you’re not. Happy April Fools Day.

Kind of funny how both of these OEMs decided to play the same joke on everyone, yet HTC went all out with an entire landing page full of spiffy looking images. Samsung has numerous drawn pictures that show how the Samsung Fingers work, and boy does it have a lot of uses. I wouldn’t be surprised if these pieces of technology were considered once, so if you want to check and see what these gloves can do, check out the photos on the post or hit the link for the HTC Gluuv landing page. Let us know what you think.

Take a look at them both:
Samsung Tomorrow
HTC Gluuv

By Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer 
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