Noah: Shattering Convention – Hollywood seems surprised that this generation hungers for Christian Ethics and Morality


It amazes me that Hollywood continues to pump out nothing but sex and violence to our children and then when a movie based on God’s punishment of a generation that was, for all intents and purposes, as bad (from a morality perspective) as this current generation, makes a big splash (pun intended), ultimately taking over the number one box office hit position, they seem shocked and surprised….

Just because you (Hollywood) try to force feed our children the suggestion that violence, drugs, sex and amoral behavior as part of the fundamentally destructive “it’s all good” mentality, is all good, doesn’t mean this country which was and continues to be, built on Christian principles of helping others, treat others as you want to be treated, God, community, compassion for those less fortunate, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom from tyranny and an overall giving nature (Americans still give more to the rest of the world far more than any other country, and by orders of magnitude so large it’s not even worth mentioning).

All things that many of us remember growing up with being taught on television shows such as Captain Kangaroo, Father knows best, Dick Van Dyke, Lucille Ball and all the rest of which each had moral story to teach.

It’s unfortunate that you have slowly but inexorably made a concerted effort to fundamentally corrupt an entire generation of children (I can think of no other motivation other than greed but even this shows that to be a lie since you would make a lot more money going back to family entertainment as shown by this movie and others such as the “Passion of the Christ” all of which have made more money than 90% of the crap you pump out) and slowly morphed television and movie industry into a sesspool of absolute garbage.

Wake up and start producing more of what your audience actually WANT instead of pushing out WHAT YOU WANT THE AUDIENCE TO SEE, stop your blatant attempt to “socialize” this generation and to “numb” them to violence, sex, crime, drugs, murder, rape, drinking and everything BAD that people are capable of and perhaps it’s not too late to save the children you’ve damaged with your trash…

“Noah” the movie gives me some small hope, your reaction to its success does not.


The previous week’s speculation that the film “Noah” will take over “Divergent’s” top spot in the box office had been true. Despite the series of controversies, the Darren Aronofsky film was able to weather the storm and proved that a top quality film can beat even some nation’s banning.

The epic biblical film grossed $1.6 million in its first day of release in the U.S. “Noah” has been a subject of more predictions with critics and audiences keeping their watch whether the film could reach the expected $35 million mark in its first week in the U.S. theatres. “Noah” did not disappoint though, as of this writing, the film already raked a whopping amount $44 million in the box office.


With “Noah’s” success, a new prediction rose to life, although this may not be impossible to happen considering the trend of the type of movies shown by Hollywood starting this 2014. “Noah” came out this week following other faith-based movies “God’s Not Dead” and “Son of God.” Two other films “Heaven Is for Real” starred by Greg Kinnear and Kelly Reilly, and “Exodus: Gods and Kings” with Christian Bale to play the role of the prophet Moses are also listed in 2014 cinemas.

“I think these biblical-themed movies are like the next frontier in Hollywood. Hollywood hadn’t cracked the code on a biblical movie that would have mainstream appeal. Now, I think they’ve figured it out,” said Rentrak senior media analyst Paul Dergarabedian in a BBC report.

“Noah” is a force to reckon in cinemas, and it is not far that the film could “immensely” exceed the $125 million Paramount Pictures investment. The movie already premiered in Mexico, Germany, Spain, South Korea, U.S., and Australia among others. More European countries, on the other hand, will have the first week of April to watch “Noah.”

The box office success of “Noah” became the lead star Russel Crowe’s success as well. The actor who previously landed supporting roles in his recent film bounced back as Hollywood’s top leading men earning positive critiques with his moving performance on the film.


Andrew Pulver, a film editor for The Guardian UK, in his article, wrote “Russell Crowe is just about the only actor who could have pulled off the mixture of muttering, furrowed-brow intensity and slice-and-dice that the role calls for.”

By Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer 
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