Native 3D Smartphone Vision & the first 3D Fax Machine in the Cloud?


Giving devices full 3D vision is the next step in the consumer electronics evolution. It began with Kinect for the Xbox, which is basically a 3D scanner, and, although this process is still in its early phase, that is where all the technology giants seem to be setting their sights.

“Imagine taking a 3D photo of anything with your phone and sending it directly to your 3D printer, or better yet send it anywhere in the world via our $100 3D Fax Machine in the cloud… ”

Says Jarrett Ridlinghafer, Technology Analyst and Visionary who is in the process of patenting the first 3D Fax machine, something which he hopes to crowdfund in the next few weeks, just one of a dozen projects his new Technology Think-Tank” Synapse Synergy Group, Inc” is currently working on this year alone.

Apple bought Primesense, the company that makes Kinect as well as 3D Systems’ Sense consumer 3D scanner.

Primesense technology gives 3D vision to iRobots telepresence robot Ava and similar technologies are in use in famous androids, such as Robonaut on the International Space Station, representing a clear overlap in technologies.…

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By Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer 
CTO of the following –
Synapse Synergy Group
Chief Technology Analyst, Author & Consultant
Compass Solutions, LLC
Hadoop Magazine
Cloud Consulting International