vmware’s AirWatch EMM & Horizon gives them a SUITE MDM Solution to compete in the burgeoning BYOD market using their already formidable Enterprise footprint


Analysts seem to not be able to figure out what vmware’s $1.54 billion acquisition of AirWatch‘s enterprise mobility management (EMM) products, will be used for however, it seems obvious to me, they need to leverage their Enterprise penetration to grab a chink of the BYOD market they obviously see passing them by…My prediction is that it will be integrated with vmware’s Horizon suite, particularly Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Mirage, a desktop management tool, to then compete in the growing MDM (Mobile Device Management) Solution Suite for the BYOD  market which is predicted to be massive with currently only around 35% of Enterprises having any type of BYOD policy in place and 50% of those failing due to employee unhappiness says Gartner, Vmware has a real opportunity here.

Mobile management vendors like AirWatch helped solve the major problems behind the remote desktop experience which traditionally was terrible as well as the technical issues revolving  mainly around security and technologies such as remote wipe. But integrating AirWatch with the Horizon Suite takes MDM one step further by making mobility more about the user experience and allowing a flexible “follow-me” type of remote desktop experience across physical networks and locations.

I think its a smart move and I’ve heard they’ve thrown a ton of resources behind the effort, personally I would have been doing this a year ago if it had been me advising vmware but, they apparently now seem to be scrambling to put something together and I wish them luck with their endeavors.


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