Google Glass vs. Submachine Gun: Not Even Close To A Fair Fight


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you shot Google Glass with a submachine gun? Of course you have! Since not everyone has the means to do this, though, Rick Ryder has posted a YouTube video (seen below) of him shooting a set of Glass with not one, but two KRISS Vector submachine guns. Ryder’s video actually consists of 5 tests. The first three (grass drop, concrete drop, and water drop) are pretty standard and (not surprisingly) pretty boring. Glass falls. Glass is picked up. Glass is fine. All include slow-mo shots. The next two tests, however, are significantly more interesting.

Ryder breaks out the big guns (literally) for the final two tests. For clarity, he’s using the KRISS Vector SBR .45 ACP. This is the semi-automatic version of the Vector Submachine Gun, and for those of you wondering,  it’s legal in the US. Bottom line: it’s a powerful gun. For the first of the gun tests, Ryder just uses one of the Vectors. After placing the Glass on a homemade stand, he does what any person would do. He shoots it. In real-time, all you see is wood and pieces of the Glass flying around. This is where the slow-mo comes in handy. While most of the bullets hit the stand or miss everything, the first shot does hit the Glass and shatters the right earpiece. This certainly isn’t enough though.

The second and final gun test results in the most carnage. Ryder shoots two Vectors simultaneously in a wonderful display of bullets and casings. Again though, real-time isn’t very helpful. Bits of glass and wood flying around is all that’s seen. Video technology saves the day again with slow-mo, and the destruction is seen. The first shot hits again, and this time, there’s no hope for the Glass. As you can imagine, Ryder had a hard time finding all of the pieces to the Glass. The actual lenses were never seen again after the second round of gunfire, but he was able to gather most of the frame. He also added a little humor at the end of the video. Check it out. It’s a good watch.

By Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer 
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