Tax Day is now also ObamaCare Day as Billions to Subsidize the already Wealthy Insurance Companies Get Picked from your Pocket Today


Tax Day is now also ObamaCare Day –

For many Americans, today marks their first contact with ObamaCare besides perhaps hearing that not a single legislator read the massive 2000+ page bloatbill, as new taxes to finance the program’s insurance subsidies kick in. With its dismally performance as far as new subscribers to the bloated socialist medical system Obama forced down the American voters throats against their own wishes (using political games and loopholes to push it through without a vote) New income taxes on average hard working American Families making a measly $100k and above, an increase in federal payroll taxes (killing small business growth at a time we need to be stimulating business!) and new taxes on investment income (the money invested in businesses, again slowing business growth) will help pump an estimated $20.5 billion into the program while the rest of America suffers in seething silence (Only a dismal 25% of Americans think ObamaCare is a good idea)

National Journal explains the unwelcome surprises for taxpayers:

“Most people won’t notice the extra Medicare tax because it was automatically deducted from their paychecks, but many will face a hefty tax bill they did not expect”

said Jackie Perlman, principal tax research analyst at the H&R Block Tax Institute.

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