Microsoft Research’s Hyperlapse algorithms smooth first-person video data


By Pam Baker 

From the “Oh, that’s so cool” category comes this unique use of algorithms to perfect and smooth shaky videos taken on cameras in high thrill-and-spill environments, for example a hang glider’s cam, Google Glass, or a GoPro camera. But beyond rendering some really great personal experience and action videos, this accomplishment can lead to a much needed means to examine, compare and analyze video data from nearly any camera source, including those in extreme environments.

Most people tend to think of big data analysis as a fancy form of number crunching. But the truth is that we already have massive amounts of data that are not in number or text form but in something else, such as video and a wide array of other images. But also, as Ronald L. Wasserstein, executive director of the American Statistical Association, said in his guest post in FierceBigData, in “topology (for the spaces from which the data are sampled).” There is even data in the form of minute object vibrations to be analyzed. For more about those, see my earlier post titled “Vibrations on potato-chip bags aid in recording.”

So, you see, data analysis and data use cannot be limited to text and numbers, hence the need for tech and techniques such as Microsoft’s Hyperlapse to assist to one degree or another. Yes, Hyperlapse makes cool video way cooler. But this is also tech with a great deal of promise for other applications. Fortunately, it will end up as an app of its own which will help in using it for many purposes.

“We are working hard on making our Hyperlapse algorithm available as a Windows app. Stay tuned!” writes the Microsoft Research team in a blog post. You’ll want to read that post for more technical details.

Meanwhile, check out this short video for a fast understanding of their work and a meaningful technical explanation beyond that provided in the blog post.  

Click here to watch this video on YouTube

For more:
– read the Microsoft Research blog post
– watch the Hyperlapse YouTube video

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By Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer
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