Always Put 100% Into Everything You Do!


I was raised well and told this at an early age.

“It doesn’t matter what those around you do, ignore them,  you give your best on every job no matter what it is,  taking out the garbage, washing dishes, it doesn’t matter what the job is. You should show pride in your work. Give 100% and you WILL be recognized for it… ”

I started working at aged 7 selling fruit from our fruit trees around the neighborhood, selling lemonade on the side of the street, mowing the neighbors lawns and started digging ditches at age eleven for my first real job with a steady paycheck. These words of advice stuck in my head and have kept me in good stead my entire working life. I worked my way from dishwasher to sous chef after the US Navy in gourmet French and Italian restaurants before getting my first computer at aged 30 which changed my passions (and life) over night and I have never been afraid of starting at the bottom and working my up and proving myself.

Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer
Founder & CEO/CTO
Synapse Synergy Group, Inc.