Disneyland to Bring in the Drones


Drones and Disneyland go together like Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, Aladdin and the Genie, Timon and Pumbaa. No? According to a post on the Plane-ly Spoken blog by Mark McKinnon, a partner at McKenna Long & Aldridge, the autonomous flying machines may soon be amusement park features, if not fixtures.

McKinnon reports that the Walt Disney Co. filed for three patents last week, all of which employ drone technology in some sense. The first would use drones to manipulate enormous marionettes, he said, to be used during a show or parade. The second would employ the technology to carry a large, mobile projection screen, and the third would use small drones with lights to form moving patterns in the sky, explained McKinnon.

However, McKinnon said it will likely take time for Disney to iron out the kinks in its concept drones and create a show, and it will also take time to go through the regulatory process.

Indeed, the airspace above Magic Kingdom Park is already highly restricted. “Since 2003, flights have been prohibited below 3,000 feet within a 3 mile radius of the main spire of Cinderella’s Castle,” he said, surmising that this could make the use of drones even easier because there would be a buffer from other aircraft.

Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer
Founder & CEO/CTO
Synapse Synergy Group, Inc.