LinkedIn boosts data privacy, security with three new tools


By Tequia Burt 

LinkedIn announced it is introducing three tools to help boost its members’ data privacy and security.

“All of these changes are part of our commitment to put our members first,” said Madhu Gupta, head of security, privacy and customer service products at LinkedIn, in a blog post. “With these updates, we hope you can feel confident about who owns your content and data on LinkedIn: you.”

B2B marketers should be glad that LinkedIn, the best social network for reaching business professionals, is focused on reassuring its members of their data privacy and security. Marketers and advertisers, as well as the platforms they use like LinkedIn, have taken a beating in public opinion since the PRISM scandal.

The first new feature is one designed to let members know which computers or devices are logged into LinkedIn. On the settings page, users will find an option that displays a complete list of devices that they are logged on to. Members can manage and log off directly from this area.

Next, LinkedIn has given its members the ability to easily export all of their LinkedIn data. With just one click, users can see all the data LinkedIn has stored on your account, including your updates, activity, IP records and searches. “Your data on LinkedIn is yours and you should be able to access it,” Gupta said.

Finally, LinkedIn has added more information to the emails it sends when there are security related changes to a member’s account, such as a password change. “The added information gives you more insight into when and where the account change took place, including the date and time and details on the device the device the changes were made on, such as the browser it was running, the Operating System (OS), IP address and approximate physical location,” Gupta said.

The company said the tools are now being rolled out globally.

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