Local Motors 3D Prints a Car Live at IMTS – 3D Printing Industry



As the 3D printed car project developed this summer, ORNL and Cincinnati also added a heated print bed capable of lowering about 1 meter, to add some Z-axis height to the machine.  The result was the BAAM, a reverse acronym that transformed what the crew referred to as the Big Ass Additive Manufacturing machine to the Big Area Additive Manufacturing printer.


In exchange for Department of Energy dollars and a giant CNC machine, ORNL offered its know-how to the Ohio-based machine manufacturer, which was given the ability to license ORNL’s R&D to sell the BAAM, a machine with a work envelope of up to 3.3 ft x 8 ft. x 20 ft. (.8 m x 2.5 m x 6 m), “accelerations exceeding 2.0G and head positioning speeds of up to 10,000 in./min“, and a price tag of $1 million.  So, though the Strati car itself is open-source, like the rest of Local Motors’ vehicles, the machine needed to print it may not be.

By Michael Molitch

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