Microsoft’s Bing predicted midterm election with 95% accuracy


Microsoft’s Bing predicted midterm election with 95% accuracy

We think of Microsoft’s Bing as a search engine, but there is a lot more to it than that. For example, I’ve found its translation service to be very good, more accurate than Google’s, especially with Asian languages. The translations aren’t perfect but they give me a better idea of what is being said than Google Translate.

Well, Bing has another hidden gem: Bing Predicts. Using a secret analytics tool Microsoft isn’t about to disclose, it has been used to predict NFL games and was nearly flawless in its predictions for the World Cup this past summer.

Now that the dust has settled from the elections, Bing Predict has won out again with a 95% accuracy rate in calling the House, Senate, and Governor’s races. It got 34 out of 35 Senate races correct, 419 out of 435 House seats correct, and 33 out of 36 Governor’s races correct. That’s a better prediction rate than even Nate Silver’s lauded FiveThirtyEight blog.

If you are one of the few with a Windows Phone that has Cortana, the digital assistant is powered by Bing Predict, so you can ask questions to Cortana and she might have an answer for you.

Now, here’s a real challenge. It predicts “Duck Dynasty” teen star Sadie Robertson will win this season’s “Dancing With The Stars,” which would go completely against all the momentum for former “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” star Alfonso Ribero, the favorite to win. It also predicts the Indianapolis Colts have a 67% chance of beating my beloved New England Patriots this Sunday, to which I say phooey.

By Andy Patrizio