Client Portfolio

These are just a small sample of some of the clients we’ve done work for. Many of our start-up clients choose to stay undisclosed for competition reasons and we are always willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with any of our clients for this very reason however, the larger clients and a few of the start-ups which have not asked us to sign a legal non-disclosure agreement are listed below.

We’ve worked with both fortune 500 & fortune 1000 customers as well as seen start-ups we’ve worked with in the beginning go from 12 employees to over 3500 employees.

Our Projects for 2012 (both completed & ongoing) Have been or are currently in progress:

  • State of California Cloud Architecture

    • We were contracted to design and build part of the states “Cloud Infrastructure” Initiative and spent 6 months helping to do just that. Primarily in the area of Data-Center Automation, Employee Training, Cloud LifeCycle Management, Virtualization Management, Compliance & Data Analytics
  • One of the largest E-Online Training Companies in the World

    (Name is being withheld until after project completion and then only with permission will we ever announce a clients name)

    Client located in the USA, just recently contracted one of our founding members to manage and architect the complete build their Global NOC (Network Operations Center) Infrastructure from scratch utilizing our Unique & Patent-Pending Six Step “Strategic Cloud Executive Roadmap” Process which can be utilized on practically any Infrastructure Project no matter how small or large it may be. This new State-of-the-Art NOC will Monitor and Report (In Real-Time) on the Continual Status of Hundreds of E-Online Application Frameworks built on Dozens of Different Platforms, in order to continue their Impressive and World-Class 24x7x365  with 99.99%  Up-time Percentages, While Providing a Fully Redundant Yet Centralized location from which a single team can monitor and respond to any situation which might arise in almost instantaneous real-time. It will also provide a location for which all data can be gathered, stored and analyzed, which can then be used to produce our patented Real-Time “Executive Cloud Infrastructure Analysis Dashboard”. This will in turn allow the Executive Management to make Intelligent, Fact Based, Informed Decisions on everything from Backbone (Bandwidth) Capacity, Reliability, Utilization, , Response Time & Root Cause Analysis Performance, Customer Satisfaction, SLA Compliance, Capacity Planning and every tactical and strategic decision which everyone from the administrator, engineer, manager, director, vp and C-level executive needs to know in order to do their job properly.